1. GoItaliano.com is a search-engine and online directory listing businesses. GoItaliano.com and its ownership and management cannot be held responsible or liable for any misrepresentation by individuals or entities that are listed on this site and that are listed in our business listing database
  2. GoItaliano.com and its logo/ trademark is owned by CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC, a federally registered incorporated company in Canada and based in Montreal, Quebec
  3. GoItaliano.com provides paid listings - which include a business profile. The site also offers businesses the opportunity to lease banner space to advertise a website or other services or products. Public information entered into our database may be entered wrong or not be the most current information. CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC will not be held responsible for wrong or not current information of business listings offered on our site
  4. CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC reserves the right to change all advertising options and or fees at any time
  5. CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC reserves the right to reject, remove, edit or change any listing at any time, including paid listings/business profiles (StoreFront Listings) or ad banners, without reimbursement or notification if such action is warranted
  6. CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC launched GoItaliano.com to provide the worldwide Italian community a place on the net to search for businesses in the Italian community as a way to better help network buying and selling of goods and services around the globe. Ownership of this site will not tolerate any material that provokes its audience and users. Any material deemed pornographic will be removed immediately without warning or notification to listing/ad provider. Ownership will NOT tolerate any form of racial aggression be it images, text or otherwise, and materials of this nature will be removed immediately without warning and the listing will be removed from the site without reimbursement
  7. CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC is not responsible for any content of any business listing posted on our site
  8. Users and customers of GoItaliano.com agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend GoItaliano.com, its employees, and its parent company CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC, from any claim, dispute, or attorney's fees, arising out of use of this site
  9. PRIVACY POLICY: CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC holds a strict Privacy Policy. Any information whatsoever provided directly to CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC through GoItaliano.com by any user of GoItaliano.com will be held in the strictest of confidentiality and will not be distributed or sold to any third party by CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC
  10. GoItaliano.com is exclusively designed and catered for the Italian global community, however, we welcome and invite people of all streams of culture and nationalities around the world to subscribe to our services and products and to search freely for businesses that are listed and advertising on our website
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