1. What is GoItaliano.com? GoItaliano.com is a website to help people search and network online for businesses around the world in the Italian community. We welcome people of all cultures to use and subscribe to our website.
  2. Do you screen and filter listings as they are submitted? Yes. Any materials or images we find unsuited for the site including any and all pornographic-related materials or racial or discriminatory materials are deleted immediately from the site.
  3. I am not Italian, am I able to also post a listing for my business at GoItaliano.com? Yes. GoItaliano.com is designed and caters to the Italian community but, of course, anyone of any culture is welcome to subscribe to and use the website.
  4. Can I update my Business Profile daily? Yes. By simply logging in to your Business Profile interface using your Login and Password you can immediately modify and edit the changes that are necessary and upload them within seconds to your profile page.
  5. The Basic Package rate is $49.95 a month, what does this include? The Basic Package offers the Subscriber the ability to post a business description, 5 pictures, upload a video and offer news and promotions right on their profile page. This package allows you to have upto 100 keywords to input into the GoItaliano.com search-engine. Your profile will also be found on mobile devices via our APP on ios Apple products, Android and Blackberry devices. 
  6. What is Primo Link? The Primo Link service is separate from the Basic Package subscription. Primo Link are the logos that appear on the right side of the search results page. The logos flash on a rotation basis and when clicked link directly to the company's URL. Included as part of the Primo Link service package, company logos will also flash on the front page of the GoItaliano APP and link to the company's URL. The cost to have your logo in the PrimoLink service is $119 per month. 
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