Are you a proud member of the global Italian community that owns or operates a business and wants more exposure? Perhaps you’re just getting started and would like to network with other Italian-run companies to form new alliances. Maybe you’re trying to source out Italian-made products for your supply chain. What could be better than an all Italian business directory?

You could be a consumer looking to cater a party with Italian food or an admirer of Italian craftsmanship, looking to do some work on the house. Maybe you’ve heard of a specific organization in a local Italian business network and need to find their contact info. Whether you’re from “the old country” yourself, or just love the culture, GoItaliano.com is the Italian business directory that produces results for you.Fast, detailed, and easy to use.


About Us

Founded in 2016 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by a dedicated team of proud Italian descendants, GoItaliano.com is now owned and operated by CYBER MEDIA NETWORK INC, a federally incorporated company. 

GoItaliano.com is a website that helps people search and network online for businesses in the Italian community, from anywhere in the world. Our team is dedicated to the growth and successful operation of businesses in Canada and beyond, from high-growth start-ups to home-based entrepreneurs in the Italian business network.

While GoItaliano.com was designed to promote and cater to the esteemed Italian community among us, anyone of any culture is welcome to subscribe to and use the website.

Business Categories Listed

Search for products and services in the Italian business directory from a wide variety of categories, using our sophisticated search engine, and have access to a large number of organizations. The versatility is great and the numbers are growing by the day. You’ll have all the information you need –plus a link to that organization’s website– within seconds.

Among the more popular categories in the Italian business network, we aim to provide easy access to:

  • Restaurant, catering, and other food-service providers
  • Grocery and other fresh produce markets
  • Cafés, bars, lounges, and night-life
  • Coffee importers and retailers
  • Banquet Halls, Hotels, other hospitality
  • Travel Agencies and related tourism
  • Automobile dealers, rental, and repair
  • Hairdressers, Spas, and other beauty services
  • Fashion importers, manufacturers, and retailers
  • Construction, renovations, home improvement and décor
  • Architecture, Engineering, and building design
  • All forms of trade (plumbing, electrical, heating, ceramics, masonry, etc)
  • Legal services

…with many more to follow!

Get Listed Today

Because we are able to supply the most relevant local category listings,and have built solid relationships with many influentialniche businesses, our growing network provides incredible reach. Having partnered with the finest expert digital marketing agency, we have established a strong local SEO presence.

Our listings are interactive too. When a user performs a search and finds your company profile, they simply click on your logo and will be instantly sent to your website.Indeed, Goitaliano.com has all the resources to provide its merchants with innovative online marketing and web design strategies. All this designed to help our member organizations achieve their goals.

The GoItaliano.com Mobile App is now available at the AppStore, GooglePlay and Blackberry World.

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